Do you have a signature fragrance ?

4 thoughts on “Do you have a signature fragrance ?”

  1. Hey Jilly!
    I have three “signature” scents but they are seasonal. I have to say, though, on our recent visit to Paris I purchased another Fragonard scent, Santal, that I do believe may make it into the regular rotation.
    Summer scent: Fleur d’Oranger by Fragonard. I love REAL orange blossom and this is my all time fave. I wear it every day in the summer
    Spring/Fall scent: La Petit Robe Noir by Guerlain. The cherry scent gets me going. It’s light and stays put. I even remember the first time I ever smelled this and was completed WOWed by it. We were at Orly airport waiting to go down to Nice and had some time to kill so I was wandering at the off-duty beauty products and came across this scent. I purchased it on the spot! I swear I love that stuff!
    Winter scent: L’Instant by Guerlain. The Frenchman gifted this to me when it first came out and I’ve been wearing it ever since. It’s very warm and earthy.

    I’ve got to check out that Estee Lauder Azuree!!!

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    1. La Petit Robe Noir is a fragrance I like as well. My problem is that when I wear most fragrances the scent changes and smells nothing like it does in the bottle. When I started to wear Azuree back in 1977 you could also buy soap, talc and deoderant – how I miss these extras.


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