Burns Night – at the McIntosh home

14 thoughts on “Burns Night – at the McIntosh home”

  1. Loved my Burns Night Evening Jill ans James was a first for me , thank you for inviting me . The fish soup and Haggis was lovely James , and looking lovely Jill in your Scotch skirt , I will have to learn the pipes ,

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  2. We had a burns night lunch, if that makes sense, at work a few years ago. As we are multinational a few were quite confused but it was a lot of fun.

    Thank you for joining my new muttonstylemonday link up


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  3. Well Burns Night sounds like a lot of fun and I will have to share this with my brother and his wife – they’d love it. They go to the Scottish Highland games we have every year and my brother wears a kilt! My maiden name is O’Donnell btw and my brother is all about celebrating our heritage. Our grandfather was born in Scotland but we’re Irish. Bagpipes, oh I love bagpipes! What a wonderfully fun evening and you look amazing in that tartan skirt and red boots!

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